About Carolyn

Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

As a wedding business CEO, floral coach and strategist, I help floral entrepreneurs learn our battle-tested methods for streamlining their businesses, make things less stressful, master sustainable floristry methods, and have the confidence they need to take bigger jobs and rock every single wedding.

In my past life, I was a project manager for international research studies. After leaving my last job in Sierra Leone, I came back to the US with no clue what to do next. I enrolled in farm school “for fun,” and I fell in love with farming flowers. But after farming for only a couple of years, I had a terrible injury that ended my farming career for good. I was back to square one, and broke as hell. 

Faced with a forced “pivot” and losing thousands in farm investments, I started getting serious about making weddings my bread and butter. The wedding industry is a $57.9 billion dollar industry in the US, and I needed to make money. When I started, no flower schools were teaching sustainable floristry, how to run a thriving wedding business, or how to make weddings less intimidating and stressful.

It took me years of freelancing, trial and error, wasted flowers, expensive mentorship, and developing different systems before I felt confident about executing every wedding flawlessly, and stopped having wedding stress dreams. 

In two years, I went from 1-2 weddings a year and no clue what I was doing, to booking out a full calendar, raising my minimum to $12,000, and making a real salary - DURING COVID. (You can check out my wedding business, Bloom Poet, if you're curious what that looks like.) I also used my project management skills to develop battle-tested processes that make our weddings run smoothly, profitably, and sustainably. And I continued to refine and test sustainable floristry methods that would wow our clients while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Now, my business allows me to only work a handful of weddings a year, take time off when I want to, support local farmers, and provide beauty and magic to only the most wonderful wedding clients. And I also get to help florists like you learn how to streamline your business, make things less stressful, master sustainable floristry, and have the confidence to crush every single event you take on!

You have so much creativity, artistry, and magic to offer the world. You just need a little more support to make this business work for you, and not the other way around.

I'm currently offering online courses and 1:1 coaching, and I'll be adding more things all the time! You can check out all of the options below.