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Private Training: How to Master Consistent Wedding Sales (to Amazing Clients): The 4-Part Framework


Build trust, book more weddings

I'll show you exactly how to book more weddings by creating a Gentle Sales System that builds the trust necessary for clients to book you - without ever doing a nerve-wracking sales call, or feeling pushy. 

You’ll book the weddings you want, with the clients you want. All while feeling good about selling, wasting zero time on uninterested leads, and automating your sales process, so you can focus on other parts of your business.


I’ve been using this system since 2021 to book 100% of the clients I talk to. Now, I’m sharing it with you.

The Wedding Sales Fix is a do-it-together program, where we:

  • Build a Gentle Sales System that will build the trust that is so necessary for potential clients to book you
  • Book the weddings you want, with the clients you want - without getting ghosted, or feeling pushy
  • Never do a nerve-wracking sales call again, taking the pressure off of you AND your clients
  • Use technology to reduce your workload by 100s of hours per year - and sell weddings while you sleep
  • Learn how to actually enjoy selling (seriously!!!). You’ll discover how to sell in a way that feels fun, natural, and aligned with YOUR values
  • You’ll be in a group with other amazing wedding pros who want to build trust with potential clients, book more weddings, and do it all with less effort than ever before. 

    And you’ll be on a highly advanced path with weekly strategy calls and critique calls so you can get 1:1 feedback on all of your sales assets (emails, brochures, call scripts, etc.) and confidently build out your new sales system. 

    How Does It Work? 

    The Wedding Sales Fix is a 3-month program where we will:

    • Solidify your branding and positioning so we can talk to your best-fit clients
    • Create customized sales assets like brochures, emails, and call scripts with fill-in-the-blank templates
    • Automate your entire sales system, so you can sell weddings 24/7
    • Transform nerve-wracking “sales calls” into a natural, easy, and FUN sales process
    • Test and launch your new system to grow your income sustainably and consistently - no extra marketing required!

    It includes:

    • 12 weekly live trainings and assignments, with all the resources, templates, and workbooks you need
    • Templates and done-for-you documents for every email, form, and document in your sales system
    • Weekly group coaching call so you can get all your questions answered, and change your beliefs about sales
    • Weekly critique call so you can get 1:1 feedback on your sales assets like emails, brand story, or call scripts
    • Private Slack channel so you have support from your peers and coaches whenever you need it
    • 1:1 Onboarding and Offboarding calls to get you on the right path, and celebrate your big wins
    • 6 months of access so you can take weeks off if you need to
    • PLUS...some fun bonuses!

    Apply now to get access to a private, advanced training with my 4-part framework to master consistent wedding sales (to amazing clients). It goes WAY beyond anything I've shared before! 

    We provide fill-in-the-blank email templates, brochure templates, call scripts, done-for-you documents, automations, and so much more. The Wedding Sales Fix has everything you need to create and launch a Gentle Sales System that will turn new leads into trusted friends and clients. All on autopilot, so that you can work on other things - or just have more time for yourself.  

    This isn't your typical online course that you buy, and never look at again. This is a step-by-step training with plug-and-play systems that you can use in your business - right away. You also get an incredible amount of support, including weekly coaching calls, weekly content critiques for 1:1 feedback on your sales assets, a private group, a 1:1 onboarding call, and so much more.

    I want you to get this quick win in your business, and amazing results for years to come. In just 12 short weeks, you could have a totally automated sales system that is building trust with potential clients, skyrocketing your booking rate, and giving you your time (and sanity) back. There's no better time to fix your sales!

    Everything you said was solid and useful...so jam-packed with good advice.

    ANNIKA - Wedding FLORIST

    [Carolyn is] just so easy to listen to, and everything is delivered in a really honest, generous way. It all felt worthwhile. Some presenters waste so much time stringing people along and trying to keep them engaged, but everything you said was solid and useful. Carolyn's trainings are so jam-packed with good advice and translatable to any business, really. Unlike most other trainings I've done, I would count this as a great use of precious time. Unlike other trainings, I'll probably actually watch or listen to the replay!


    I love the energy you bring and your simply 'just be helpful' approach to sales. I had a pretty good sales conversion rate, but I'm hoping to improve that percentage even more!


    Wedding Photographer


    I feel more clarity, and a major confidence boost! Carolyn is warm, and brought her whole self. She is easy to connect with. I feel more clarity about the type of mindset to bring to a luxury wedding. I felt like I had a personal cheerleader, and a major confidence boost. I truly appreciate your time and wisdom!


    Wedding Florist


    Wow, I found this super valuable! I love how you automated everything. I've been asking too many questions on my sales calls!


    Wedding Musician

    I'm so excited to see if you're a good fit for this program!

    Please take a moment to fill out the application so I can learn more about you and your business, and see how we can help you book more weddings! I only want you to join if I think it will really help you. 

    You have three options...

    Keep Asking the Internet

    If you're typing in "how to book more weddings" to Google or ChatGPT, I totally get it. There is some good free stuff out there! But free advice can only take you so far. If you're tired of seeing the same generic "tips" on every blog, you need to try something different.

    Invest in a 1:1 Solution

    Yes, you can hire me to fix your sales strategy in a 1:1 VIP day. (If you want to invest in that, you can DM me.) But that will be your most expensive option, and you won't get ongoing support. However - if freeing up time is your biggest need, this option is definitely the right one for you.

    Join Us in The Wedding Sales Fix

    Not only do you get my expertise and 1:1 feedback on your sales assets, you also get to meet other amazing wedding pros who are getting results with the Gentle Sales System. For wayyy less than working with me 1:1. It's a win/win/win! 

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