Thanks so much for letting me know that you're hoping to scale up!

Message received, loud and clear!

I absolutely LOVE managing a big team, and it's one of the things I miss most when wedding season ends! My current team is seasonal, so I'm all alone during our slow season. I used to be a project manager of multimillion dollar research projects across multiple countries. For one study, I was managing a team in the US, and then teams at hospitals in Albania, Jordan, Nicaragua, and the Philippines. It was probably 50 people to manage across languages, cultures, and time zones - no small feat! I've had to hire, fire, and everything in between. And my last desk job was managing a nonprofit team in Sierra Leone. I haven't advertised this expertise, but if you are looking to scale up, hire more help, or manage your team better, I know I can help. Being a great manager isn't inherent - it requires learning how to do it well. So I'm excited to know that this might be the next step for you and your business. Thanks again for letting me know how I can help!

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