Thanks so much for letting me know that you're interested in getting more leads!

Message received, loud and clear!

Figuring out how to market my wedding business successfully was SUCH a massive learning curve for me. So I totally get it. I have found what works well for my business, but it's also constantly changing - from TikTok to SEO to email. I keep saying I'm not a marketing expert, but after so many years of doing my own marketing and adjusting to people's shrinking attention spans, maybe I am. Either way, I'm excited to keep helping you with getting more leads. Thanks again for letting me know about how I can help you!

I don't share this resource often enough - but if you're curious about email marketing, I want you to introduce you to my friend Liz. She is my secret weapon for sending consistent emails to you. She has an email newsletter template membership for $9/month, and yes, I use her templates every single week when I write to you! It is email on easy mode. You can totally use her templates for your wedding leads and clients. (I do it all the time.) 

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