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Hi there! I'm so excited to welcome you into the educational side of my business! I've spent the last several years tweaking every little part of my own wedding floral business, including my sales system. It has taken so much trial and error, intentional learning, and experimenting to come up with all of the things we now have in place to do seriously amazing work. (You can see all of that hard work over at Bloom Poet.)

People genuinely gush about the work I do for weddings, and I constantly get requests to teach sustainable floristry methods, answer questions about how I've engineered my business, and explain how I do the work I do. This is the response to years of those questions! 

The truth is that there is no secret wedding vendor club where I learned everything about how to do weddings well. I freelanced for a lot of people, and I also had to figure out a lot on my own. There is no central place to learn how to run your wedding business effectively, which is a shame. Because it means that having a sustainable wedding business feels inaccessible to many really talented people. (Hello, months or years of not paying yourself?!) I genuinely believe that seeking sustainability across all dimensions of our small businesses (environmental, financial, social, and energetic) is more important than ever!

I'm excited to share my approach to the wedding business, wedding sales, and how we can do this amazing work without all the stress. No matter what stage of business you're in, I know there is something I can help with. 

For now, I would love for you to go ahead and get on my email list (aka, the Wedding Besties) so you don't miss a thing. I'm not a big social media lover, so email is always where my good stuff goes. I usually email on Fridays, and send out tips, best practices, free and paid learning opportunities, and more. And while some of that stuff might make it onto Instagram, I can't guarantee it 🙂

Thanks for being here. Can't wait to share more with you!

Hi, I'm Carolyn!

I'm on a mission to help every wedding florist run a sustainable, streamlined, and low-stress business. As a wedding business CEO, floral coach, and strategist, I help floral entrepreneurs learn our battle-tested methods to streamline their businesses, make things less stressful, master sustainable floristry methods, and have the confidence they need to take bigger jobs and rock every single wedding.

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